Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lovin My Locs Hair Services

We are Los Angeles, CA #1 Dreadlocking Hair Care Business

Lovin My Locs Hair Services offer professional & convenient hair locking services in the comfort of the client’s home. Our business can help you with:

1. starting new dreadlocks
2. maintaining (retouching, retightening) your dreadlocks
3. transforming wild, disorganized dreadlocks into locs that are neat, uniform, presentable, and manageable
4. getting your natural hair braided
5. getting natural or synthetic braids removed
6. getting your natural hair twisted or coiled
7. helping your hair to look beautiful & healthy
8. dreadlock removal
9. getting dreadlocks for your young children / kids

We offer 1-hour dreadlock consultation by phone to U.S. residents.

Visit our site for more info http://www.lovinmylocs.blogspot.com/

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